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Minnesotans have waited long enough.
It's time to raise standards to promote integrity and safety in Minnesota's construction industry.

Minnesota’s construction industry is thriving. Construction of public schools and  multi-family housing units are at near record levels in the Twin Cites. Roads and bridges, water and sewer systems, gas lines and wind farms are being built across the state. New health care facilities are injecting billions of dollars into the economies of Duluth and Rochester. This boom is good news for many Minnesota construction workers who earn middle-class wages and benefits. But the boom has also contributed to growth in the number of workers who are being injured, having their wages stolen, and in the worst cases being trafficked by unscrupulous employers.

Minnesota construction workers deserve good, family-supporting incomes and safe work environments. All Minnesotans deserve safe, high-quality building and infrastructure projects that are delivered 
on time and on budget. This will only happen when project owners decide it’s better to build construction projects the right way, rather than to cut corners and build them on the cheap.

Who We Are

Build Better Minnesota is a campaign to raise standards in Minnesota's construction industry. Our goal is to ensure Minnesota's construction industry provides good, family-supporting incomes for Minnesota workers, creates pathways for construction careers through a dedication to apprenticeship programs, protects the health and safety of workers, and builds high quality infrastructure that all Minnesotans can be proud of. We work with people on the front lines of the construction industry - workers, communities, construction companies - to build a better construction industry.

The Build Better Minnesota website is sponsored by LIUNA Minnesota, which represents thousands of skilled workers in energy, civil, and building construction industries across the state. The website is designed to serve as a clearinghouse for information about problems and possible solutions to our construction quality and safety challenges. 
For more information contact: BuildBetterMN@gmail.com.

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